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With customers in industries ranging from aerospace and automotive engineering to finance, defense, government, entertainment and telecommunications, Sparx Systems is a leading vendor of innovative solutions based on the Unified Modeling Language (UML) and its related specifications. A Contributing Member of the Object Management Group (OMG), Sparx Systems is committed to realizing the potential of model-driven development based on open standards.

The company’s flagship product, Enterprise Architect, has received numerous accolades since its commercial release in August, 2000. Now at version 14.1, Enterprise Architect is the design tool of choice for 740,000+ registered users world-wide.

Company Background

Established in 1996 by Geoffrey Sparks, Sparx Systems is an Australian company based at Creswick, Victoria. With over ten years' investment in the development of Enterprise Architect, the company's motivated team of employees are dedicated to the ongoing development and support of modeling tools and object-oriented methodologies.

Company Vision

Sparx Systems aims to satisfy the growing needs of business and IT users involved in software and systems development, by providing immediate delivery and ongoing support of affordable, productive and user-friendly modeling software.

Sparx Systems believes that a complete modeling and design tool should be used throughout the full lifecycle of systems development. Our subscription plan reflects this, and our belief that "life-cycle" software should be as dynamic and modern as the systems you design and maintain.

Our software is intended for use by analysts, designers, architects, developers, testers, project managers and maintenance staff - almost everyone involved in a software development project and in business analysis. It is Sparx Systems' belief that highly priced CASE tools severely limit teams, and ultimately organizations, by narrowing the effective user base and inhibiting access to important model information. Therefore, Sparx Systems is committed to both maintaining an accessible pricing model and to distributing a 'Read Only' (EA Lite) version of Enterprise Architect for use by those who only need to view modeling information.

User Base

Over 740,000+ effective users worldwide, the user base is located predominantly in the United States, Canada, UK, Spain, Germany, Japan, Scandinavia, France, the Netherlands and other Western European countries and also enjoys strong support in Australia, Brazil, Mexico, New Zealand, Korea, South Africa, Argentina, Chile, and more.

Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect is used by companies of all sizes from large, well-known multi-national organizations to smaller independent companies and consultants. Enterprise Architect is also deployed across a wide range of industries including: aerospace, banking, web development, engineering, finance, medicine, military, research, academia, transport, retail, utilities (gas, electricity etc.), electrical engineering and many more. It is used effectively for UML and business architecture training purposes in many prominent colleges and universities around the world.

The Sparx Systems online discussion forum confirms a solid and active user base.

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Sparx Systems Pty Ltd,
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Phone Number: +61 3 53 451140

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ABN 38 085 034 546
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